Projekte und Perspektiven in Zeiten der Pandemie


Health Breath - Regular Coronavirus Breathalyzer Test

Health-Breath | Regular Coronavirus Breathalyzer Test for Healthcare Professionals

Health Breath is an instant breathalyzer test system aimed for healthcare personnel to diagnose Covid-19 regularly. The device uses an optical biosensor chip that analyses the exhaled air against coronavirus infection references. Unlike PCR-Tests and Antibody tests, Health-Breath offers results within seconds, does not involve laboratory- equipment, and is especially suitable for self-testing on the go.

A healthcare employee tests himself regularly before going to work by using the breathalyzer. A Smart ID Card replaces both - the personnel's key and ID - and displays the test result publicly. If the test result is negative, the user synchronizes the Smart-ID with the breathalyzer to be allowed to work with patients. The negative result indicator on the Smart-ID provides a visual sense of security to patients, making them feel safer during their interactions with the personnel amidst pandemics.

Qianhui Zhou, Julia Berg