Projekte und Perspektiven in Zeiten der Pandemie


Burkhard Peters

about planning (medical) design

A lot of people think: good design is what I like. Good design is phenomenal. People expect good design may solve or eliminate problems.
Some say good design works like a novel.
I’m fine with all images. Novels describe aspects of life with empathy. Novels do not simplify. Good design does not simplify either. In best case it improves life. It keeps you in touch with spirit of time.

Medical design is about how we refer to life and of cause in which way it takes effect! The medical world is highly regulated. And it’s easy to get lost in regulations (remember your tax return). Good design doesn’t get lost!
It opens more ways for life and for real people.

Planning is about how people structure life.
Planning medical is how you bring up improvements to the real world.
It produces the basis of making decision: transparency.
Transparency means you have to release your criteria
and tough criteria allow reproducible results!

(Un-)Fortunately every aspect is in touch to our activity.

Burkhard Peters